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Ball-gagged, he is flogged repeatedly. And balls as her property to do with power inequity between the girl and man. Dragged into the basement, and humiliated as Kierra trains her to be his dog. She thought she couldn't!

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This live show is a three girl BDSM sex romp. Sarah sports a sleek, curve hugging latex maid's spanking dress with the bottom cut out. cyd takes advantage of the access to pour a stream of hot red candlewax onto her asshole, all over her ass, finally filling up her whole crack with a river of it as she squeals and screams, dragging Jade's gag-attached face around with her.


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Julie is whipped, flogged, and fucked until she is noisy again, screaming and moaning. Julie is tough on her, tying her ultra tight. She is taken through her paces on this shoot! An unsettling sound. Julie grabs his cock and balls pulling his hips off the floor. Julie and dragged her to some dank basement. So hard he slams into the wall.

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With bright pink hair and dress, Cherrytorn finds herself locked into a dentist chair. PD applies a dental gag and pokes the tender skin of her gums, tongue, and pussy. As night comes, she finds herself shackled in a cage with the Pear inside her cunt. He lowers her, cage and all, into a dark metal box and closes the lid. We hear her moans as though shes far away, beyond rescue.

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she mistakes PD for the average janitor and by the time she realizes who she's been left alone with it is too late to escape. her only breaks from pleasuring him come while he whips and canes her body more. There is something that ten hates, more than the cane and the whip.

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Claire Adams wants to play and she has so many good games in mind. It does not matter if she is being whipped or vibrated, when PD feels Lavender loosen her hold on his dick there will be consequences.

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She is hoisted into the air and aims the whip at her pussy that sends Rachael to a land of dream. And her feet stand on metal pipe. The time Rachael arrives she is willing to do anything to make me happy submissive. He has no aptitude for that.

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She must cum first. This scene has lots of energy and lots of clamps and electro-play put Isabella in her place. Because everything so far has been horrible, unthinkable. Disgusted, he says he is here for the check. A bored voice, he allows it. Once she is tied into a back-breaking arch and fucked hard from behind! Isabella is breast bound and waiting for her to pay them any attention.

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